DOKIO 200 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel with Solar Charger Controller

DOKIO 200 Watts 12 Volts Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel with Solar Charger Controller

  • POWERFUL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This solar panel packs 200W of power yet is only 0.2 inch thick and weighs only 10.5 lbs., making it easier to transport, hang, and remove.
  • NEW DESIGN: Foldable and Portable.The panel is well protected in a thick fabric pocket sewn. A practical carrying handle is available easy to carry and use and with, Ideal to use for camping, camping, climbing, hiking, picnic, charging your car battery, or in emergencies
  • HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY: With high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is smaller than a traditional model.Maximizes system output by reducing mismatch loss; 100% EL testing on all DOKIO solar modules, guaranteed no hot spots.
  • CAN USE WITHOUT BATTERY:FREE INVERTER SOLAR CONTROLLER for you (save 40 dollars)!Just throw away your heavy battery, this controller can use without battery, one Dokio solar panel and one Dokio new inverter controller meet everything.
  • Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a smaller solar panel to power your basic necessities, ditch the roof-top solar panel and buy this folding solar panel instead. It’s about as easy as solar can get.

Dokio Powerful and Multipurpose Solar Panel 200W NEW

Throw away the heavy battery

This solar panel packs 200W of power, but it only weighs a mere 10.5lbs (4.8kg)
Free new solar inverter controller (Original price ) which can use without battery, you needn’t take the heavy battery anymore!!!

High Performance

Packs with 200W power by solar energy and works as a unbreakable solar battery charger, it utilizes the powerful Monocrystalline Solar Cell with a high efficiency conversion rate to maximize the use of available sunlight. Beyond that, being made of robust and durable material, it’s lightweight and bendable for your quick and easy installation, make it ideal for long treks.

Versatile Application Anywhere

Unique foldable design, enable to be mounted on an RV, boat, cabin, tent, car, tree or any other irregular surface. Making it perfect for home, nature trips, hiking, camping, fishing, picnic, sailing or other outdoor activities.

* Maximum Power: 200W
* Optimum Operating Current (Imp):11.2A
* Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 18V
* Short-Circuit Current (Isc):11.36
* Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.5V
* Maximum System Voltage:600V DC (UL)
*Foldable Dimension:21.2*28.7*0.9(inch)
* Expansion Dimension:85*28.7*0.2(inch)
* Net Weight:4.8kg
*Package Weight:5.2kg (including wire and controller)

Package Contents:
1 x Dokio 200W Foldable solar pane
1x Dokio inverter solar controller
1 x User Manual